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The primary purpose of the Association is to provide a community service by educating and instructing the public in the art of fly fishing using artificial flies, supporting conservation and preservation of lakes, rivers, and streams to protect fish and fly fishing habitats, and to support community services and programs with public outreach to encourage and support fly fishing. The Association will provide specific education programs targeting specific distinct groups including elementary students, intermediate students, high school students, at risk youth, boy scouts, girl scouts, church groups, community groups, families, and any other appropriate groups identified by the Association. The Association will also provide a separate program targeting women to encourage more women to participate in the sport.

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AFF is planning its Annual Dinner!

The dinner is scheduled for Saturday, January 22, 2022. An official signup flyer will be available shortly.

What we need is a rough count for the caterer. To that end, please go to the event on Meetup and RSVP for yourself and any guests that you would be bringing.

We are not asking for a firm commitment. If you plan on attending, if nothing gets in the way, please RSVP.

Thank you for your help!

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Wading Safety

Now that we are getting inot spring, many of us will be spending more time on the river. I feels it's a good idea to talk about wading safety. There is a saying about cyclists, "There are two kinds of riders; those who have been down and those who are going down." Same thing could be said of waders.

I hope you take time to read this article on safe wading.  It is packed with valuable information -

One of the things not mentioned in the article regarding how to using a wading staff. 

Always place your staff upstream of your body, leaning into the current. Should you begin to lose your balance, the current will push you upright rather than downstream.


I was at first skeptical of a wading staff. That was before my first fall in the river. Now I’m a believer. Remember this, “The wading staff is not an old man’s cane, it’s a wise man’s tool”.

Tight lines and safe wading.

Rick Healy 

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Shasta Cascade Information

Click here for useful information about fishing and other activities
from the Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association.

to zoom into any lake or river in
California and you will get the regulations for that body of water.


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AFF is using Meet-Up for scheduling our activities.  Meet-Up is a web based application that has been well tested and widely used by various organizations to plan and facilitate events and activities.  It simplifies sign-ups and automatically generates a calendar of events.  It even provides the capability of making important documents directly available to its members. Click here to access Meet Up.

Please note that sgning up as a Meet-Up member does not mean that you are a paid member of AFF.  We do encourage all of our Meet-Up members to join in our club activities and become paid members. Click here for the AFF membership form. Participants in Meet Up activities will be asked to sign a release of liability form.  

Likewise, we encourage all of our paid members to sign-up as members of our Meet-Up group because in the near future, accessing will be the best way to learn about club activities and outings.

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