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Amador Flyfishers LogoAmador Flyfishers (AFF) is a family-oriented organization established in 1991 to provide an opportunity for persons interested in fly fishing to share information, learn from others, experience fly fishing in various locations, and protect fisheries for future generations.

AFF meets the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM the Amador County Administration Building located at 810 Court St., Jackson CA, 95642.  To socialize with other flyfishers, share local fishing reports, and to support fishery conservation issues. Drop in and check us out - visitors welcome!


On Nov. 16 Gary Slade and I left SFO for New Orleans and what was supposed to be 3 days of fishing for redfish about 90 miles SSW of New Orleans, However, because of wind, rain and lightning our fishing was limited to two days.

We fished from a flats boat that was poled by our guide. All fishing was sight fishing in shallow water with 8wt rods and floating line. The guide was much better at spotting the fish than we were so we mainly just tried to cast where he directed us.

Although the second day of fishing was quite windy. fortunately most of the casts were to fish close to the boat.

We caught fish both days we fished, but not the larger ones (30# =/-) that we had hoped for. Our largest fish was 14#. We had a great time and agreed that we want to do it again with the same outfitter, although next time we will probably opt to try to fish for five days.

Monday 10-14-13 Tom Giacomini and I (Ray Mutter) met up with Guide Lance Gray on the Lower Sacramento River. We had clear warm skies with minimal wind. Lance launced his drift boat at the Bonnevile launch in Redding. We drifted down to Anderson and between Tom and I had over fifty fish in the net.

Lower Sac 10152013 002-small

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Elko, Nevada 
October 17 – October 21, 2013

13-1018 So Fork Resv 013-small

"Fishing at South Fork Reservoir gets really good come October." – that was what Joe Gates had told us back in July. Charlie Moore, Ron Calvert and I had fished SFR during the second week of July, and had caught oodles of large and small mouth bass. At the same time, trout fishing had been fair with a number of rainbows up to 19 inches; the numbers weren't fantastic, but the size and the quality of the trout had been intriguing. With the promise of better fishing in the Fall, Ron and I took off for a return visit to Elko and South Fork Reservoir on Thursday, October 17.

This trip started at a reasonable hour and leisurely first day dedicated to travel: no zero-dark-thirty starting time. It's been many a year that I haven't fished the same day that I left home. We left after sun up, stopped in Reno at Cabela's and bought our license and a couple of packets of leaders and some tippet material. Gas and lunch at McDonald's in Lovelock, then onward to Elko to check into our motel. We phoned Joe Gates and arranged to meet on the lake. In true welcome-wagon form, Joe also said he had flies for us if we needed any. He told us that Friday was going to be a "good" day with the bite around 10:30 am and that Saturday was to be "excellent" with a 12:30 pm bite. We ended our first day with a good dinner at JR's Restaurant and a good night sleep, dreaming of 30-fish days...

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Recently rode into the Hoover Wilderness Area via Leavitt Meadows Pack Station. This was my fourth trip into the area spanning over 20 years and my tenth trip overall. I had once said that the Sierras were so beautiful that I wanted to see as much of them as I could. I had once decided to not pack into the same area in order to see as much of the Sierras as possible. But once discovering the Sister Lakes area on the backside of Yosemite National Park, I ended up going back an additional nine times over some 35 years.

What drew me back to the Sister Lake area of the Hoover Wilderness was the incredible fishing at Harried, Cora, Helen, Ruth, Stella, Bonnie, and Yosemite's Dorothy Lake. Once filled with 12" to 18" inch Rainbow trout and some smaller Brookies, one could hike a circle and fish most of the lakes in one day. Dorothy Lake and Bonnie Lake were a day all by themselves. And, one could get back on the Pacific Crest Trail and be to Cinko Lake in about a hour and a half and fish for hybrid Golden Trout.

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Hot and weedy. That's the fishing report for Indian Creek Reservoir for July 18-21, 2013.

Weed growth limited the close-to-shore fishing; the "best" areas fished the most were 1) the southwest center of the lake between the boat ramp and southern buoy, 2) the northwest cove near the campground, and 3) near the aerator by the northwest corner of the main dam.

Indian Creek Reservoir


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During the week of June 24, 2013 a couple of Amador Flyfishers (Tom Giacomini and Ray Mutter) took to the land of Lewis and Clark in Big Sky Montana. We pitched our camp at Big Sky Lake Condominiums just an hour or so out of the west entrance to Yellowstone National Park. On Monday evening we gathered with local natives at the 320 Ranch just off of Highway 191, for an all you can eat pulled pork Bar B Que (not bad for $10.00 a head). After the evening festivities, the next day we headed over to the lower Madison River for a little fishing. We hooked up with Guide Nick Lawton of Wild Trout Fishing Outfitters. Nick guided us to perfection on the river, we hooked up with over fifty fish landing thirty five plus in the boat. In the morning we were landing mostly Montana White Fish and some Rainbows by afternoon it was strickly Rainbows and Browns, many in the 18" range.

Tom with a nice Madison Brown


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On September 17 Ron Calvert and I flew via Seattle to Yakutat seeking halibut and Silver Salmon.  Remembering our trip's success last year, we spoke of great expectations for this trip also.  Following the local Situk Fly Shop website, we read of daily rain for a week and a half prior to our departure and that the salmon fishing was "spotty."  Consensus was that the run was late!


We arrived in Yakutat on Tuesday, checked in and headed for the Tahweh Creek.  Last year Ron, his dad, and I had great success without the use of a guide.  Nothing for the afternoon on an outgoing tide.  Doubt began to set in as to "were the silvers late or was their going to be a poor run?"


On Wednesday, we teamed up with 2 others and went out in Yakutat Bay with Captain Dan in search of halibut.  Halibut fishing was slow in the beginning but we did manage to pick up some sea bass, a couple of ling cod and other rock fish.  The other side of the boat from Ron and I later picked up 3 halibut.  Two were small but the third was a 120-pounder picked up by Tally of Seattle.  Due to rough seas Captain Dan said we were going to have to head back shortly.  About that time Tally, already with a limit of halibut, asks me to take his pole and land the halibut he had on the end of the line.  Agreeing I took the pole and proceeded to fight a 135 pound halibut for the next 15 or so minutes. Last year my biggest halibut was a mere 35 pounds! On our way back to the dock Captain Dan put out 4 poles and we tried trolling for silvers.  We landed a couple of what we call "half pounders" but no silvers to the boat.  But, with well over 250 pounds of halibut in the boat, it was a very satisfying day of fishing.




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The Knott Creek Reservoir trip of July 7 through 11 was made up of Amador Fly Fisher members Ron Calvert, Charles Moore and Dennis Larson and recent AFF quest speaker Dave Millhollin.  Ron and Dennis rode with Dave and we met Charles in Winnecucca to continue our journey to Knott Creek Reservoir. Lunch was had at Denio Junction consisting of Cheeseburgers and Fries, cokes and/or chocolate milk shakes.  The last commercial meal for the next 5 days.
After the nearly 2 hour ride into Knott Creek reservoir, 4 wheel drive a necessity, we set up camp before setting out to start the first of 5 days of fishing.  The reservoir, unlike last year had receeded to the previous years.  In fact, it looked as if they had had a mild winter as the incoming stream at the south end of the lake was a mere trickle of previous years.
The first evening, 3 full days and last morning consisted of sight fishing for the most part.  We spent the morning starting out sight fishing on the lake in front of our camp.  As morning progressed each of us fanned out and started up or down the lake from there.  Midday was pretty slow as it was either blind casting or stripping from a float tube.  
Knott Ck Resv 12-0707 581b

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A friend and I fished on the Yuba with guide Dave Barbieri from Marysville. We were on the water from about 12:30pm until after 9:00pm. We started out doing mostly wading, but later in the day it was mostly from the drift boat.

We started catching fish as soon as we got on the water, but hit a dry spell from about 2:00 until almost 4:00. After that we had stady hookups the rest of the day. We wound up landing about 30 fish. There were a lot of fish, mostly near the tailouts of runs.


Got home this morning from Knott Creek Reservoir. Spent part of 6 days fishing with Dave Millhollin.

Temperatures were in the high 70's with winds out of the southwest daily with up to 30 and 35 mile gusts of wind. The lake is at its highest since I started fishing it in 1995! All the water marks on the rocks in the lake were covered with water. Water temperature at the south end of the lake was 65 degrees where the stream came in and 70 degrees at the dam end of the lake. Damsel and mayfly hatches the rule as well as midge hatches before the son hit the water in the morning. 

 Dennis Larson with a Knott Creek Reservoir Brownie

To say the fishing was good is an understatement. To say it was outstanding is a truism! Double digit days were the normal. We figured we fished a total of 5 full days and caught nearly 200 fish between us. Dave M is just a great fly fisher and caught over 130 fish. I manage 67. Tiger Trout, Rainbows, Cutbows, and Cutthroat were all caught. Largest fish and most Tiger Trout were caught up near the inlet. Largest fish caught were mostly Tigers. Fish ranged in size from 15 - 22" with the average between 17 - 20.

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