Amador Fly Fishers held their 3rd Annual bass fishout at a private pond on the Arroyo Seco properties on Wednesday, May 1. Attending were Charlie Moore, Gary Slade, Tom Shirley, Barbara Price, Gary Swager, Jimmy Dixon, Rob Hodgson, Art Weatherford, and fishmaster Dennis Larson.

Fishing started out slowly, with little top water action. What action there was, was primarily poppers. Others used long leaders or slow sinking lines and stripped with damsel fly imitations. Actually anything dark olive green.

At noon we broke for a tail-gate lunch consisting of cheeseburgers, hot dogs, chips, sodas and bottled water. The afternoon bite was slightly better but everyone was off the water by 3 pm.

Largest bass were caught by Gary Slade and Art Weatherford (14 inches).

The weather cooperated, sunny and warm but not hot, and a good time was had by all.


Dennis Larson



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